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Grand Slam Tech

Your partners in B2B Sales and Growth

We provide go-to-market expertise and execution to global founders, tech companies and agencies



Winning GTM execution

A commercial co-pilot for B2B Founders and New Venture and Expansion & Partnership teams seeking new market entry and growth

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Our Story

At Grand Slam Tech Consulting, we specialize in helping emerging and best-in-class tech platforms make their mark in their markets.

With 25+ years of combined experience, we've mastered sales, new market development, and those exhilarating 0-1 journeys. We're making a significant impact in Malaysia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, the US, EU and Middle East, with our fingers on the pulse of these vibrant markets. Ready to swing our racquet, shoot aces and drive growth for our clients.

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What we do

We jump in alongside Founders and their teams, engaging your target market, challenging assumptions, and executing a sales strategy that stems from personalized 1:1 conversations with your ideal customers.

In the face of ambiguity, ever-evolving value propositions, and limited or no brand equity in their markets, we know how to deliver results.

Our work unfolds in two distinct phases:

  1. Customer Discovery: We dive deep into market research, craft compelling value propositions, analyze go-to-market strategies, and develop a robust sales strategy.

  2. Market Development: We take charge of outbound efforts, drive sales prospecting, engage in direct sales activities, nurture pipeline growth, and conduct meticulous funnel analysis.

With a team of dedicated full-time sales executives, we become your partners in designing and validating your sales process. Together, we engage buyers, sell your product, and strive to achieve commercial repeatability when acquiring high-growth, mid-market, and enterprise customers.

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Our expertise is our strength and differentiation

Define GTM and

Scaling SMB, Mid Market and Enterprise segment SAAS Companies

Establishing International revenue organisations through market expansion - acquiring first 5-10 customers

Building highly productive and efficient sales and demand gen functions and setting partner channels

Why we exist

At Grand Slam Tech, we specialize in delivering sales results at a speed that surpasses your hiring capabilities.

Our mission is to help founders accelerate their journey towards product/market fit, secure strong market traction, and drive sales growth with confidence. Rather than relying solely on whiteboard brainstorming sessions, we prioritize the validation of your solution through tangible customer evidence obtained from your ideal buyers.

While getting out of the building is crucial, we believe that true market learning occurs when you get in the room or on the phone with the right people. It is in these interactions that meaningful insights are gained, relationships are forged, and game-changing opportunities arise.

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Grand Slam Tech Consulting

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