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Outbound B2B Lead Generation for Startups

Grow Faster By Hiring Remote SDRs Through Our B2B Sales Agency

Our team scales outbound lead generation and SDR teams for high-growth companies to book more sales meetings.

Why Grand Slam Tech

We offer specialized services across all major functions, ensuring that no matter your target , we have you covered:


General HR, Finance, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Talent, Procurement, C-Level, Operations, Product, Engineering, Design and IT

We Overcome Common Challenges that organisations that sell into into any function

  • Qualified Lead Generation: We navigate the complexities of identifying and engaging qualified buyers.

  • Appointment Setting: We ensure your sales team's calendar is filled with appointments that count.

  • Industry Insights: Our deep understanding of function nuances translates into campaigns that speak directly to your buyer

Services We Offer

Targeted Engagement

Precision Targeting: We connect you directly with key decision-makers, including Managers, Directors, VPs, and C-Level

Comprehensive Database

Access Elite Contacts: Utilize our extensive database of qualified leaders, meticulously curated to enhance your sales pipeline.

Expert Engagement

Our engagement strategies are designed to schedule meaningful meetings, ensuring you are face-to-face with leaders ready to talk business.

Customized Campaigns

Tailored Solutions: From campaign design to development, our services are crafted to resonate with the unique nuances of the each sector.

Our Outbound Lead Gen Process


Understand Ideal Customer Profile


Build Infra to run cold email at scale


Create detailed Outbound Lists


Personalised Outreach and Lead Nurturing


Lead Generation

Clients we have worked with

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Harsh Shah, India | Aus

“I highly recommend Grand Slam for anyone looking to enhance their sales strategy. They've adeptly handled the nuances of outbound sales and ensured our team was prepared for the evolving market conditions, leading to a measurable increase in our monthly meetings.”

Ashwin Ram, Singapore

I've been thoroughly impressed with the outbound services by Grand Slam that have not only filled our sales pipeline but also provided us with numerous high-quality meetings each month. Their grasp of the changing dynamics of outbound marketing has kept us ahead of the curve.

Elton J, Malaysia

“Partnering with Grand Slam was a game-changer for us. They not only set up our entire outbound sales structure but also kept it filled with high-quality demos.”

Fueling your growth with precision through our tailored outbound services.


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